There are many ways to take or use CBD. Ingesting CBD (swallowing or eating) can help with the whole body because it travels through the bloodstream and is not really targeted to a specific area. But applying CBD topically (on the skin) can help with relief to specific areas (localized). Your symptoms and what you’re trying to achieve will determine the best method of use. Two common ways to consume CBD are edibles and sublingual (under the tongue). When it comes to ingesting CBD, CBD Body Blends prefers sublingual verses edibles, because a large percentage of CBD (up to 60%) can be lost in the digestive system before it even gets to the rest of the body. The most effective method of using CBD regularly is sublingual, even though it takes a little longer to make its way through the body. Putting the liquid drops under the tongue makes the CBD highly absorbent through the blood vessels under your tongue, enters into your bloodstream and is slowly activated throughout your body. Sublingual is recommended for widespread pain, inflammation (like menstrual cramps or full body joint/muscle pain), anxiety, depression and sleep issues for an overall whole body form of relief.

Applying CBD on the skin (topical) is best used for localized pain management (specific areas) as seen with arthritis and nerve pain and the occasional joint pain and muscle tension. Topical CBD penetrates into the skin and does not enter into the bloodstream. Applying a CBD topical product – lotion, massage oil or balm – can relieve pain within minutes and can be reapplied as needed.