Rachael P.

I would recommend this place to anyone! Their customer service is out of this world. Right away they recommended you products and take care of you. They gave me free samples of products for me to take home and even offer military discounts. They also donate food and other items to homeless shelters and dog […]

Adri / Facebook

I bought the pet tincture for my dogs! One of my pups has severe anxiety to the point where leaving her outside, even if for half an hour while I did a quick errand, was no longer an option. Her anxiety got the best of her to the point where she cut up her paw […]

Amy / Facebook

I have been a longtime customer of Michelle’s because she does business right and truly cares about her customers! Her products work wonders and her tinctures taste way better than what I have tried elsewhere. I live across the U.S. from the physical shop, so I love that I can order conveniently online on the […]

Erin / Facebook

When I entered CBD Body Blends I was greeted by the owner, Bill, who was very helpful and knowledgable. He was friendly and quickly answered all my questions. The 2 things I appreciate most were that he gave me a sample of the pain relief [support] lotion to apply right there in the store, people […]

Tammy / Facebook

I have to share. My pup is 14 y/o and has had surgery on both knees. He waddled around and clearly was in pain, his quality of life was not where we wanted it to be. About 4 months ago I started him on CBD oil from Body Blends. After some trial and error, we […]