FOR BETTER SLEEP: Super Sleep CBN-O 2oz 1000mg


    2oz / 60ml bottle with dropper / 1000mg – 20mg per ML

    CBN-O oil drops available in 1000mg in 2oz bottle in two flavors.

    CBN is a sleep aid as it has shown to have sedative properties that assist in better sleep and relieving insomnia. Take at least an hour before bed only. 

    Besides restful sleep and helping with insomnia, preliminary research shows CBN-O may also assist in supporting the health of joints and muscles, as well as a healthy appetite.

    Women should start with 1/4 dropper under tongue an hour before bed.
    Men 200lbs or more should start with 1/2 dropper under tongue an hour before bed.
    It may take up to three days to get into your system to help you sleep through the night.
    After three days, increase dosage slowly as needed until you are sleeping through the night.

    PRO TIP: Shake really well before using. Acidic cannabinoid profiles are very beneficial due to them being easily absorbed into the system but they also generally have a bitter taste. Acidics are different from CBD and CBD is different from CBN-O. We formulated Super Sleep best to mask the bitterness, but the taste is not the same as our traditional CBD tinctures we make for people and pets. These are flavored with natural Terpenes, which gives a lighter natural flavoring, so you may want to drink juice or something similar after taking just to eliminate any aftertaste.

    Ingredients: This product does not contain THC. Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT), CBN-O Isolate, Natural Terpenes, Bitter Blocker, Stevia.

    Always do your own research when taking any new supplements.
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    Pair with any of our Dream Sweet non-oral products that have been specifically crafted with a calming blend of Orange, Juniper Berry, Lavender, German Chamomile and Coriander Seed essential oils for better sleep and pleasant dreams. If CBN-O is not right for you, Dream Sweet blend products might be as they do not include sedative properties, although they are two different products with different purposes and properties related to better sleep.