FOR BETTER IMMUNITY: Super Immunity CBDa & CBGa 2oz 750mg


    2oz / 60ml bottle with dropper / 750mg – 12.5mg per ML

    CBDa & CBGa oil drops available in 750mg in 2oz bottle in two flavors.

    Products with CBDa & CBGa have shown to have properties that assist in better immunity and recent research shows promising therapeutic benefits, including the potential to block COVID. The results of an Oregon State University study concluded the compounds can bind to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Additional research is currently being conducted. With this in mind, we have formulated a tincture blend that may help with better overall immunity via CBDa and CBGa, which can help with better cardiovascular health, regulating metabolism, decreasing anxiety & depression, and preventing seizures. Also includes anti-inflammatory properties and can be an effective anti-nausea agent, and more. 

    CBD Body Blends is not making any claims, rather, we are sharing information to assist you with your purchase. We highly recommend doing your own research before starting any new supplements. 

    Start with one full dropper under the tongue once or twice a day to assist with better immunity. Increase from there if you desire. This blend could potentially offer whole body antioxidant support.

    PRO TIP: Shake really well before using. Acidic cannabinoid profiles are very beneficial but they also generally have a bitter taste. Acidics are different from CBD and CBD is different from CBGa. We formulated Super Immunity best to mask the bitterness, but the taste is not the same as our traditional CBD tinctures we make for people and pets. These are flavored with natural Terpenes, which gives a lighter natural flavoring, so you may want to drink juice or something similar after taking just to eliminate any aftertaste.

    Ingredients: This product does not contain THC. Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT), CBDa & CBGa Isolate, Natural Terpenes, Bitter Blocker, Stevia.

    Always do your own research when taking any new supplements.
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