Our Mission is Simple…

CBD Body Blends pledges to help people and animals live happier, healthier lives by providing natural wellness options while giving back to the community. CBD Body Blends is very simply about five things – Five Cs

About Us

We are a family-owned business that is on a mission to prove that a product-first mentality in the CBD space is possible. CBD Body BlendsTM creates exceptional everyday products that can stand alone before we add 100% THC-free hemp-derived CBD oil specifically designed to provide pain relief without impairment or side effects. We provide exceptional products first and foremost, and then increase the awesomeness with CBD isolate oil that is 100% THC-free.

The CBD Body Blends product line includes tinctures that taste good, massage oils, lotions, lip balms, essential oil roll-ons and bath fizzies – all made with ingredients that are as natural as we can possibly use, along with essential oils and natural flavoring, and 0.00% THC.

PAWSitively PuuureTM CBD for Pets includes tinctures.