We wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas. If you do not celebrate Christmas, we wish you a Happy Holiday Season. If you’re traveling, we wish you safe travels. If you’re spending time with loved ones, we wish you beautiful memories to be made and a joyous, loving time. Please remember there are many who are struggling. We wish those of you who are struggling to find peace, hope and faith. For those of you deployed, we thank you for everything you do for each one of us and we pray that you are safe and you ALL will be home soon. Please remember those who may not have a roof over their head or food on their table or loved ones to hug. Rejoice as you cook and clean up after the festivities – be thankful you were able to provide food, you ate well and you are blessed. Please remember our loved ones who are now angels in heaven. Please say an extra prayer for those who may have just lost a loved one. Please remember all of those who are prepared to keep us safe and who are working – police, firefighters, first responders, doctors, nurses (the list is endless).


Slow down. Take it all in. Enjoy every moment. Hold your loved ones a little tighter.

Say a prayer. Be thankful. Be kind. Be respectful. Count your blessings.


May the Christmas Spirit stay in your heart all year long and not just on this glorious day.


May the light of Christmas shine bright upon you and may all your wishes come true.


From Our Home to Yours, Merry Christmas! Michelle and Bill Duncan